We want From This Day to have a positive impact.

At the very least – we don’t want to damage the planet further with our activities.

It’s with that in mind that we scrutinised all aspects of our business and have spent the last two years changing all of our practices to ensure that they are the best they can be.  We have drawn up an environmental and ethical policy statement to outline these steps and we will continue to look for areas of improvment.

Green Hosting

Did you know that each visit to a website creates an associated amount of carbon?  Worryingly the size of websites is getting larger and larger and this translates to more carbon in the atmosphere. You can check the environmental overhead of your own website using this handy tool – Website Carbon .  All the from this day websites are hosted on either Kinsta or Kualo who both run their servers on renewable technology.

Low Carbon Web Design

The very way we put our sites together can have an impact on the amount of carbon they create.  Until recently we hadn’t fully comprehended this, but since early 2021 this has become a focus for From This Day. We are building all new sites with low carbon web design principles in mind to try and ensure that our websites create as little carbon as possible.

Carbon Offsetting – Planting Trees

For each new website or substantial development, we pledge to plant trees via Trees For Life.  We will use some of the profit made from each site/ redevelopment, and hosting agreement to plant trees in Scotland.  This equates to usually around 25 trees per website but often more.  We’re hesitant to call this carbon offsetting as the calculation gets too complicated to be accurate – but would estimate that between this initiative and the green hosting we are offsetting the carbon produced by each development we make.


Where we keep money is an important consideration.

Every action, no matter how small, sets something in motion. What you do with your money every day makes a difference.

Triodos UK

Ethical Banking

We use ethical bank Triodos to ensure that our money is being used in ethical and environmental ways.

We are delighted to support this fantastic company and haven’t looked back since we changed over to them in 2019.

Ethical Pensions

We have also chosen Nest Pensions for their environmental and ethical ratings.  They are rated no1 for their environmental and ethical policies on Ethical Consumer.

Ethical & Environmental Projects

Our overall aim is at the very minimum to do no more harm to the planet or people upon it  – we want to put our skills in the right places.  We have made the conscious decision to seek work for clients who are ethical and even better those who are looking to aid a green recovery.  We may even offer discounts for the right kind of project.  Get in touch to find out if we can help you.

Working From Home

We all work from home and therefore benefit from the carbon savings of not using a shared office or commuting.  This allows us to benefit from the green choices we make privately during working hours.  For example, choice of diet, food waste elimination, water refills and other good practices.

Investing in Equipment

We choose to use good quality equipment which is built to last. Developing and designing on laptops with lower power usage and high specs so that no upgrades will be required for many years.

Data Smart

All the data which we are creating all has its associated environmental overhead.  For this reason smart content, as opposed to volumes of content, is the way forward.  We work with our clients with an understanding of the environmental overhead of the content we create and will do our best to ensure that quality over quantity is the focus!

Surfing Ethically – With Ecosia

We use Ecosia as our default search engine when on the internet (constantly).  Find out more about how can your choice of search engine be a green choice.

Knowledge is Power

We vow to remain vigilant and focused to ensure that should we come across any practices which we discover are harmful we will do our best to address them as soon as reasonably possible.  Staying engaged in these sometimes difficult topics is essential to a thoughtful and ethical company.

Trees For Life

Trees For Life are a worthy Scottish Charity rewilding the Scottish Highlands and regenerating the great Caledonian Forest.

To celebrate each newly completed website, From This Day pledge to plant at least 25 trees in our very own grove. 

Visit Our Grove