Dunnet Bay Distillers

Website redevelopment of established distillery based in the highlands of Scotland.

Naomi had a long and successful relationship with Dunnet Bay Distillers, building their first website before they had produced the first bottle of their iconic Rock Rose Gin. As their business grew, so too did their website requirements. The company went from 1 signature product to more than 40 and the website needed to adapt. We were delighted when we won the bid to redevelop the Dunnet Bay Distillers website, which would take their business to the next level, and allow us the creative space to achieve something special.


Content Review

Ecommerce Website

Subscriptions Model



Dunnet Bay Distillers New Homepage

The Brief

A new website for a new decade

Dunnet Bay Distillers had matured, winning many awards for their delicious spirits and enterprising nature.  They were now supplying their delicious spirits all over the world and had made a name for themselves as one of the top batch spirit producers in the UK. It was time to reflect this same maturity on their website. We needed a display that was suited to showcasing all of their signature products as well as their amazing array of extra items effectively. The structure needed to adapt to allow them to advertise appropriately while ensuring it was suitable for growth as a host of new features were planned. Of course, it needed to remain fast, mobile-friendly, usable for all and importantly – their loyal fan base had to like it too!

Capturing The Essence Of Dunnet Bay

Dunnet Bay Distillers are a thoughtful, ethical company, who show great care and attention to all parts of their business, maintaining great relationships with their staff, customers, peers (and web developers too). We wanted to ensure their personality shone through the website on the backdrop of the gorgeous location.


Using the existing user experience as a base, we analysed what was successful with the current site, what features were missing and how it could grow in the future.

We created wireframes to map out the new site, and then applied defined user journeys to ensure everything was working as it should from all perspectives. And once we were satisfied with that, it was time to design some mockups!


Delicate hand drawings of the botanicals depicted the flavours of the botanicals coming through each spirit.

The Hand Drawn Touch

Using antique books as inspiration we used a bespoke set of illustrations, depicting the distillery’s copper still, geodome and other elements further enhanced the personal feel of the site.

Product Pages With Impact

Each product page became a beautiful landing page in its own right, with excellent design, SEO and very importantly – a higher than industry standard conversion rate.

Dunnet Bay Distillers Product Page

Unique product pages

With their much-loved ceramic bottle being a strong selling point, we knew we had to give it centre stage in our designs. We matched the design to the colour scheme from each spirit allowing us to maintain each spirits unique personality, keeping the pages nicely differentiated – while keeping the design familiar.

We ensured we could cross-sell nicely from the product family as well as showing other similar products without overloading the page.

User Testing

Observing real users using your website is the only way to discover the pain points.

Leave no user behind!

We organised a user testing/tasting session with a carefully selected audience who matched the websites user base.  We observed these users while attempting a range of typical tasks across several devices. The feedback was incredibly useful and allowed us to resolve issues before going live.

Subscription Model Design

The website has a subscription model which allows customers to receive a monthly refill pouch along with some treats.

With 72 possible combinations of spirit/duration and gifting available for the subscription model, it was important to make it seem simple. We used wireframes to map out the user journeys, and mockups to ensure the designs were right – testing these out thoroughly before we built anything.

The scheme has been wildly successful!

The scheme has surpassed all forecast models and has continued in popularity well past the seasonal swell.  The users find it simple and can easily find what they are looking for.



A review of the blog content allowed us to optimise for SEO, define the direction of communications to keep things organised and allowed us to cross-sell products effectively.

Their blog was brimming with good content and it was essential to use that to our advantage in their new site. We re-organised and re-imagined the blog to give users an easy way to engage with the content. The cherry on the top was a new cocktail recipe finder to help marry customers to their ideal tipple!

Trees For Life

Trees For Life are a worthy Scottish Charity rewilding the Scottish Highlands and regenerating the great Caledonian Forest.

To celebrate each new completed website, From This Day pledge to plant 25 trees in our very own grove. 

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