The Ask

In December 2016, From This Day were recommended to The Children’s Wood for a redevelopment of their existing blog.  It was an enormous blog with over 200+ posts and 30 pages, lots of massive images and just tonnes of great information.  As the charity grew, and the volume of information became unmanageable it was time to give the website a formal structure and design.  From This day was delighted to help The Children’s Wood take their digital presence to the next level!

The Approach

The first challenge was managing and organising the sheer volume of information and placing it into a structure.  We worked very closely with The Children’s Wood to establish the aims of the website and organise the content in the best way for the charity to progress.

An idea for the design flowed quickly and was then knocked into shape by Ivanna who produced several mockups, incorporating some of the beautiful illustrations already used throughout their existing literature and flyers.

Naomi then developed a completely bespoke website, ensuring that all of the existing information was presented in a way that allows The Children’s Wood visitors to easily find what they are looking for!

It was imperative to get the project ready to coincide with a grant funding application The Children’s Wood was making via The People’s Project (Vote for The Children’s Wood!).  We delivered the innovative project in time, ensuring that the website was in place for interested ITV viewers.

The Children’s Wood is in a lovely position, having formally won the use of the land for the community and future generations.

From This Day is delighted to join them at this exciting stage of their journey and look forward to seeing the growth of this worthwhile project.

The Results

The Children’s Wood website has turned out to be beautiful, robust, well displayed across all devices and as fast as lightening!   We were delighted to be involved in such a beautiful project inside and out.

The Services Provided

  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Review & Reorganisation

The Client Says

We had a vision for our website and thought it would be impossible to achieve. From This Day not only helped to make our idea a reality, but the end product exceeded our expectations. We especially liked the collaborative approach they took to working with us and would highly recommend them to other people wanting to do the same. Our website is The Children’s Wood, UK

Emily Cutts, The Childrens Wood

Challenges and Considerations

  • Easy to use interface for updates
  • Events management
  • Retaining and presenting 200+ pages of information


Childrens Wood Before
Childrens Wood Website Before Redevelopment


Childrens Wood After
The New Children's Wood Website

The Children’s Wood Project Gallery