The Ask

Skills Development Scotland were working to create an exciting new space within Glasgow Science Centre, giving young people the chance to explore careers in science, technology and maths. The exhibits had to be engaging for that young audience. The focal point of the area was to be five large interactive touch screens showcasing potential careers.

We were to create a application which would be across 5 52” screens to be used by children to explore jobs in the STEM. Each screen needed to be used simultaneously by several users at once and had to run continuously for the Science Centre opening hours.

The Approach

Commissioned through Glasgow Science Centre, a team of freelance developers and designers worked together to shape the interactive displays.

Several diverse ideas were thrown in and out, before hitting on the approach that would really hit the mark. From This Day developed prototypes that were signed off the by Programme Board. We worked at each stage to present to the client, get sign off and proceed.

We then developed the technical plan, programmed, implemented the design, installed and tested rigorously before being launched.

The Result

The resulting applications fulfilled all of the objections as well as added extras such as reporting user statistics, lovely coordinated animations across all screens, perfect performance.

The solution was a big hit with the client and visitors. 4 years on and the exhibit is still there and being heavily used. The exhibit is used as a core part of school visits and also open to the general public.

The Services Provided

  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping
  • Technical Design
  • Development
  • Graphics Specifications
  • Developments
  • Application Installation and Testing

Interactive Touchscreen Exhibition Project Gallery